As the voice of the New Zealand Cruise Industry, NZCA works together with industry partners to provide and deliver effective advocacy, education, promotion and services to our members, the wider tourism sector stakeholder and communities.

As a member of the New Zealand Cruise Association you become part of the industry voice. Your business gains access to insider intel and industry news and you support the New Zealand cruise industry as a whole.
Membership will deliver value to your business through:

  • Insights into global trends – how they will impact New Zealand and key New Zealand cruise research and statistics
  • Opportunities to maximise growth through increased engagement with stakeholders and understanding of this unique sector
  • Regional and national advocacy supporting cruise-friendly legislation and maintaining New Zealand’s “cruise-friendly” reputation
  • Support of cruise initiatives that will benefit New Zealand

If your business benefits from the cruise sector, you should join the NZCA.

“NZCA really understands its members; both our businesses and facilitating the development of the partnerships that are essential to the cruise sector. Our membership of NZCA has become an integral and unique part of our business fabric. For us, membership of NZCA is at the heart of business and our desire to continue to be part of the development of the cruise sector in Auckland.”

Gavin Oliver

Managing Director, EcoZip Adventures

“New Zealand Cruise Association have been a champion in building a very successful cruise industry in New Zealand in a very short time. They perform a crucial role in the industry by bringing together a number of diverse organisations and presenting a unified voice to the world. We are happy to be part of the association to support the ongoing work it is doing. It brings us a number of benefits including information, advice and expertise.”

Paul Bingham

Chairman, Black Cat Cruises

“The New Zealand Cruise Association has been the driving force behind the development, subsequent success and growth of the NZ cruise industry. Over the past seven years we have worked closely with the NZCA board giving us a deep respect for the immense amount of work they do on behalf of the sector.”

Caroline Blanchfield

Industry Partnership Manager - Tourism, ChristchurchNZ

There are four levels of membership available.

$8000 + GST / annum

The preferred choice for industry leaders and significant players including ports, ground handlers, shipping agents, airlines and airports, cruise lines and regional maritime authorities.

$4000 + GST / annum

A popular choice for medium sized businesses in the cruise industry including ground handlers, ports, shipping agents and medium-large accommodation and service providers.

$1500 + GST / annum

A great choice for ground handlers, RTOs, ports, providores and shipping agents dealing with small numbers of vessels per year and boutique accommodation and cruise tourism service.

$500 + GST / annum

A starter membership for small operators, available only for the first three years of membership. Suitable for service and tour operators, retailers, restaurants and indirect affiliates.


We advocate and act on behalf of all our members every day. In addition to our core activities, the below chart shows the exclusive benefits of each membership level to help you decide which level is right for your business:

MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Hoe Urungi Raa Ngongohau Raa Matua Raa Tanake
Pre conference or AGM breakfast or lunch meetings between key members and partner organisations Tick      
Invitation to contribute to NZCA Board Strategy Tick Tick    
Representation / Participation in Seatrade Global in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, preceded by  trouble-shooting business meetings with US cruise lines Tick Tick    
Option to collaborate on promotional work in New Zealand Tick Tick    
Inclusion of company profiles and logos in industry updates /newsletters Tick Tick    
Discounted  conference entry Tick Tick    
Statistical information including value of the Cruise sector to your region Tick Tick Tick  
Access to NZCA wide networks – connecting you with the people and organisations who’ll help you achieve your business goals Tick Tick Tick  
Access to workshops in partnership with cruise lines Tick Tick Tick  
Media assistance Tick Tick Tick  
Regional liaison before, during, and after the cruise season Tick Tick Tick  
Voting rights for NZ Cruise Association Board Tick Tick Tick  
Eligibility to stand for the board as long as relevant criteria are met Tick Tick Tick  
Preference to be included (product/regions) in famils hosted by NZCA/TNZ that are a member of the Association Tick Tick Tick  
Access to practical advice and support Tick Tick Tick Tick
Free and relevant insight and information to help your business succeed Tick Tick Tick Tick
Unrestricted use of member level logo Tick Tick Tick Tick
Problem solving – resolving issues members may have with cruise Tick Tick Tick Tick
Regular email updates Tick Tick Tick Tick
Preferential business consideration for members by ground handlers Tick Tick Tick Tick
Advocacy for improved infrastructure in all cruise ports Tick Tick Tick Tick
Advocacy for regions across NZ as viable ports & destinations for cruise passengers to visit Tick Tick Tick Tick
Regular contact on behalf of members with international cruise lines to promote New Zealand as a destination Tick Tick Tick Tick

NZCA Membership is subject to the approval of the elected NZCA Board. All members shall abide by the Code of Conduct.

New Zealand Cruise Association membership will run for one year, from 01 July to 30 June. Current members will be invoiced after the AGM. If applicants join during the year a pro-rata membership fee will apply.)

Associate Raa Tanake Membership can only be maintained for a period of three consecutive years before the Member must graduate to Bronze Raa Matua Membership.

A Member may elect to upgrade to a higher level of membership at any time.

If a Member wishes to downgrade their status within the annual period they must apply in writing to the elected Board for approval, which may or may not be granted at the Board’s sole discretion.


Our whakatauki (proverb) is He Waka Eke Noa, which means “We are all in this together” (literally, to board a single canoe). Our membership tier names reference specific parts of a waka hourua (double-hulled voyaging canoe). The specific parts all work together to create the movement of the waka.