Call to Action
for the New Zealand Cruise Industry



We need you to share your stories
  • Share your stories about why cruise is important to you and your region.
  • Share in any and every way possible. Use any media or social media platforms you are comfortable with.
  • Talk to anybody and everybody – your family, friends, anyone. Join webinars, panels, Zoom meetings…
  • Share the information graphics provided which demonstrate the clear economic benefit of the cruise industry both nationally and locally (from information supplied by Statistics New Zealand).


Cruise brought $570 million to the NZ economy last season
  • Cruise ships boost our economy through various taxes and fees, helping support businesses both large and small, in ports and regions, tourism operators, hotels, retailers, travel agents, transport operators, food and beverage suppliers and many other businesses.


Covid 19 affects every industry, not just cruise
  • The current COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented situation impacting all aspects of tourism, and daily life. We know that cruise ships, by their very nature, are social environments.
  • Blaming cruise ships must stop. Cruise is not the source, cruise is indicative of any other social environment.


With your help – the NZ Cruise Industry will recover!
  • NZCA will be actively involved with government in the planning process for tourism and cruise recovery.
  • Our entire industry will have to make significant changes in operations in order to move forward and be successful in a COVID-19 world. CLIA and the cruise lines are working together, alongside relevant health authorities, to create these new protocols.
  • The cruise industry won’t re-start until it is safe to so. It will be a gradual recovery once we open our borders to international visitors, with systems in place to deal with Covid-19 risk.
  • There is potential for domestic and trans-Tasman tourism which should and must include cruise.


Thank you!

Endorsed by Cruise Lines International Association and Australian Cruise Association

Cruise Ship Schedules

Cruise ships have been temporarily banned from entering NZ waters until Tuesday 30 June 2020, but our borders are closed for an extended period beyond that date.

Previous schedules are available here.