Lyttelton Port Company


Environment Canterbury

Channel Depth

13.3 metres


362 metres

Tidal Range

2.0 metres

Distance to City

16 kms

Shore Gangways

Container platform – varying configurations

Berth 1

Cruise Berth
Max. LOA – 362m
Draft: 10.2m @ 0.2m Tide

Berth 2

No. 2 East
Max. LOA – 200m
Draft: 11.2m @ 0.2m Tide

Berth 3

No. 7 East
Max. LOA – 200m
Draft: 9.5m @ 0.2m Tide

Berth 4

Cashin Quay West
Max. LOA – 280m
Draft: 12.7m @ 0.2m Tide

Anchorage 1

The main anchorage for vessels waiting for a berth is a combined general anchorage and quarantine anchorage situated in position:
Latitude 43º 33.0’ South, Longitude 172º 50.0’ East (approximately 2.5 nautical miles bearing 026 degrees (True) from Godley Head)


Secure port – cannot walk off Cruise Berth or Cashin Quay West
Walk-off access from No. 2 wharf
No walk-off access from No. 7 wharf


Shuttles from cruise berth and No.7 wharf to Norwich Quay paid for by cruise lines; Shuttles and cost to Christchurch as decided by cruise line.