Cruise arrives in official tourism statistics

Media Release

For the first time, the cruise sector’s contribution has been included in the official annual measurement of New Zealand’s tourism industry.

Today’s release of the 2017 Tourism Satellite Account includes cruise sector expenditure, filling a longstanding gap in tourism statistics, the New Zealand Cruise Association says.

“We are pleased the Government has finally recognised and incorporated cruise into its official statistics. These results demonstrate the value and importance of cruise to the regions that ships visit,” NZCA Chief Executive Officer Kevin O’Sullivan says.

The statistics were compiled from industry stakeholder data sources, together with an enhanced visitor spend model using robust statistical methods. In the absence of official statistics, the cruise sector’s economic contribution has previously been calculated by NZCA consultants.

“NZCA will continue to work with Government to build on these inaugural estimates, to add in areas which are not yet accounted for,” Mr O’Sullivan says.

“There is opportunity to further grow cruise’s contribution to New Zealand’s economy, and investment in infrastructure is key to delivering even greater returns to the regions. We will be discussing these opportunities with the Government.”

Kevin O’Sullivan
Chief Executive Officer
+64 21 784 968